Certificates offer flexibility along your education and training trajectory. Several of the following programs are offered entirely online for the benefit of working professionals.

·  Addiction and Recovery– The one-year,online graduate certificate in Addiction and Recovery provides current and aspiring addiction professionals and substance use counselors the opportunity to train with UF addiction experts in a flexible and engaging distance learning environment.

·  Anatomical Sciences Education– This certificate program is designed for teachers in secondary education, anatomy instructors at community colleges, and others seeking post-baccalaureate education in the anatomical sciences

·  Autism Spectrum Disorder– This 12-credit Online Autism Spectrum Disorder program offers a flexible learning environment for working professionals and other individuals who want to enhance their education and career opportunities in autism spectrum disorder.

·  Biomedical Informatics– The University of Florida’s Graduate Certificate in Biomedical Informatics, which is offered on UF’s campus, is a 15-credit program that gives students the knowledge and skills necessary to be an effective participant in setting and executing organizational strategies for health care and biomedical information and information systems.

·  Biomedical Neuroscience– The Graduate Biomedical Neuroscience Certificate is designed to provide postgraduate students and working professionals, whose professions are impacted by the field of neuroscience, with an understanding of normal brain function and the clinical expression and underlying pathogenesis of common neurological disorders.

·  Cancer: Biology, Epidemiology and Outcomes– This nine-credit program offered by the UFHealth Cancer Center is designed to meet the educational needs of students and health care professionals interested in gaining a fundamental understanding of cancer biology, cancer risks and prevention activities, as well as the management of cancer and its impact on health outcomes.

·  Clinical and Translational Science– This certificate offers MS and PhD students the opportunity to develop skills for a translational science career in a variety of areas including academia, industry, biotech and government.

·  Gerontology- A Graduate Certificate in Aging and Geriatric Practice can help students further their knowledge and their careers in the field of gerontology and geriatric care. Offered by the Department of Aging and Geriatric Research, this graduate certificate is offered entirely online.

·  Health Outcomes and Implementation Science– The University of Florida’s Graduate Certificate in Implementation Science is an 11-credit one-year, part-time program that gives students the background and skills they need to build a foundation in the growing field of health care research.

·  Medical Anatomy and Physiology– This online graduate certificate will provide an understanding of human anatomy and physiology at a level required for clinical medicine.

·  Medical Pharmacology and Therapeutics– The online Graduate Certificate in Medical Pharmacology and Therapeutics, offered through the Department of Pharmacology and Therapeutics in the UF College of Medicine, is a 9-credit program that introduces students to drug discovery, development and clinical use.

·  Medical Cardiovascular/Renal Physiology– Upon completion of this program, students will receive a Graduate Certificate in Medical Physiology with a specialization in Cardiovascular/Renal Physiology. It is an excellent way for students that want to focus in cardiovascular and renal specialties to add to their knowledge base and their resume.

·  Medical Physiology– The Graduate Certificate in Medical Physiology is a 9-14 credit program. It is comprised of six courses covering the fundamentals of medical physiology and delving into individual body systems.

·  Psychiatric Epidemiology– The 12-credit Graduate Certificate in Psychiatric Epidemiology is the only certificate program of its type in the world. Graduates will join the vibrant international cohort of psychiatric epidemiologists around the world.